Hume Center Project

People Who Care was asked by the Hume Center to construct therapeutic garden boxes on an adjacent lot at their facility. Four students and our site coordinator spent 2 months clearing, leveling and constructing the boxes.
Our students first started breaking up the dirt around the site with pickaxes to make the soil malleable. After a few days of this, was too slow of a pace for our timeline, PWC decided to rent a Bobcat.

Students learned how to operate a Bobcat which made the process much easier and allowed them to gain valuable knowledge about operation and safety of heavy machinery. Our site coordinator taught the students how to construct professional looking garden boxes and work with a variety of tools.
A drainage ditch was dug out that led to the garden boxes from the Hume Center, therefore on days when the garden was not being used, the plants can still be watered.

Please refer to the pictures for a more clear understanding of what this project entailed!