LEGO Robotics

We created a Robotics program because we wanted an innovative way to teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to our youth since STEM is what is lacking today in a lot of schools. STEM provides a multitude of career paths that youth can discover through programs like this one.
Our Robotics program is facilitated by Pittsburg High School students that are enrolled in the Robotics class on campus. The PHS Robotics team has participated in several Robotic competitions around the United States.
We are utilizing LEGOs as a way to teach Robotics and STEM, as LEGOs provide an imaginative way to create robots with the simplistic and fun building that LEGOs provide. The robots are powered by a small brick that is attached to a creation and can be programmed on the computer to carry out a variety of programs that allow the Robot to pick up/grab, push, sense objects/light and many other tasks!